A Saturday Afternoon

17 03 2008

spent shooting birds… and well, pretty much anything that wouldn’t flee the moment we set our eyes on it.

Saturday started out calm and lazy. Waking up 10ish. Looking out the window. Yes, it is that time of the year (once) again. Spring time. The Whitery is just overwhelming. But as these things go, it will take just one day of rain before all the petals fall away and the new leaves emerge. But, for now the world is purrfect.


The sibling and I headed out for brunch early enough, around noon. The cafe is a racket. Finding a place to park your posterior there is probably the most noteworthy thing you are going to accomplish in the week. But this was to be no ordinary week. When we find two empty spots, we smugly plunk on the seats and also manage to watch another table like hawks and deftly shift to the “better view” it offered. A very heavy brunch and some book reading later we head back home. A few minutes later as she sinks comfortably into the couch she has a “brilliant brainwave” – bird photography. It isn’t a new fascination. In fact there is an old friend of hers who is pretty accomplished at this whole affair. But suddenly it was something that had to be tried out.

Needless to say, after a calm and collected discussion on the pros and cons of such a hobby, “we” decided to head out, setting all material and creature comforts aside. Two cameras and 12 miles of driving and we reach our dear old swamp area. I am the official bird-spotter and she the shooter. Except we learn that birds are never ok with two humans in their vicinity. The first one, they casually glance at and ignore. But never the second human. (Do humans always hunt in packs?) Sigh, anyway, so had to stop at shooting escargot and largish ducks. The rest of the hummingbird hunts were hers alone.

Here are some models I scouted for her.








8 responses

18 03 2008
Space Bar

what a lovely tree that is!

and gorgeous slime next the escargot and the duck butts! good on yer!

18 03 2008

Second spacebar…adorable tree!!

And very nice birds and snail!

18 03 2008

ah so. it’s catching. well done, well done. particularly with ’em duck thingies, how did you creep up so close to them?

of course, you realize that you’re teetering dangerously on the precipice of birderhood? do look up your birdies in the local field guide and spew forth a couple of scientific names, and you’ll be all set.

the snail is good, the slime is fantastic. such attention to detail…

and those duck butts aren’t really duck butts, are they? they’re geese butts. or gander butts, non? bit hard to tell from this distance.

18 03 2008
Space Bar

ludwig: how to argue with an ornithologist? of course they aren’t duck butt, now that i look carefully. my bad! (and by rights you ought to have said, ‘it’s catching’ on my blog!)

18 03 2008

Lovely photos.

18 03 2008

Ludwig / SB: Those aren’t geese. They’re pigeons with a growth disorder.

18 03 2008

SB, Szerelem, Banno – Thankee. Flattered. It is the sibling’s doing, really. I just tagged along and spotted some butts and slime.

Falstaff, :)
A little more of that passion you direct towards QC and Poesie is gonna get all jealous and sulk in the corner. Just saying.

Ludwig: how did you creep up so close to them?
The larger birds are easy. They couldn’t care less if you toppled and fell on them. That is after creeping up slowly and sitting still for 10 mins.

And, SB, Falsie, Ludwig – the last picture was inspired by vegas showgals. Nice plumage, a slender neck, nice legs and a bit of a peek – and what with all that symmetry. And nobody noticed. Duck, Gander and Disordered Pigeons indeed.

To Ludwig (and whosoever it may concern),

Exhibit A and B – Mallard (Anas platyrhynchos)
The butt shot – Canada Goose (Branta canadensis)

And the others we saw include,

Surf Scoter (Melanitta perspicillata)

Anna’s Hummingbird (Calypte anna)

Black or American Scoter (Melanitta americana)

We caught a bit of that winter migrant action.

19 03 2008

SB: My official refutation:

(1) Your blog doesn’t contain nuthin’ on birds. Only bees. And foliage. So it isn’t technically imitation.

(2) You’re imitating BM (by your own admission!). So you should be exhorting BM to say things like “It’s catching” on your blog. Not me. Me saying it on your blog will be a violation of the Geneva Convention article regarding the Commenting of It’s Catching on Other Blogs.

Logical, neh?

Falst.: Lovely. And disturbing. Very disturbing. The phrase “pigeons with a growth disorder” is very very ominous. Await pigeon post.

BM: The Vegas showgirls analogy thing sort of escaped attention. As a closet bird Nazi, we were trying to gaze closely at the behinds (for scientific reasons) and derive whether they were geese or ganders.

Well done on the bird names list. Welcome to the Dark Side.

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