Hyderabadi Sunrise

14 03 2008


A Room with a View. Hyderabad.2008

Waking up at 6am each morning for two weeks straight is my idea of hell. Waking up in a different city every two days… don’t get me started on that. But all this was surprisingly more fun than I had imagined.

Hyderabad, city # 4, was the most fun. Paradise Biryani, flirt with a MTV VJ contest (the prize was a free drink. Who would pass up something like that?), Spacebar, Ludwig, Art made to order by li’l S (who has just started his Deer phase, as he drew two for me between slurps of Chocolate Milkshake), loading up on poetry books and a lovely graphic novel, reminiscing about watershed moments in Indian culture, for instance, Channel [V] countdowns circa 2000. Jodhaa Akbar on IMAX, bad shayari (the PJ varietal), flattering comments from our driver who mistook me for one of those activist-art-filmmakers, you know, like Nandita Das *gushing*, pearl shopping (for mom), and finally, (yes, Veena) a ton of very productive meetings and visits.




4 responses

14 03 2008

The city looks so beautiful…..if u have ever visited mumbai then try staying awake the whole night to see the first sun ray, the morning sky, no pollution but clear air…its just so beautiful…..

14 03 2008

Ashi, glad you liked it.

Was in Mumbai earlier in the week. When I woke up 6ish, all I saw were terrace lawns and people tending to them. But there is always a next time.

16 03 2008
Space Bar

I see you forgot to mention that we didn’t get those free drinks! And one full post about this activist filmmaker look please.

17 03 2008

SB: Well, we did not know that when we did the flirting, now did we? And the activist filmmaker story, sure.

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