All Shook Up

31 10 2007

Q: What does it take for you and your apartment neighbour (of more than a year) to meet up for dinner?
A: A magnitude-5.6 earthquake, that is what.

This must be one of the few places in the world where people resume their tennis games 5 mins after an earthquake. Or where you can drive to a restaurant and be served by friendly staff within 10 mins of one. Well, within minutes one can actually get back home and start googling to find out how powerful the quake was. The damages that get reported are about the wine bottles that got damaged in the local BevMo! :)

This was probably the strongest quake I have experienced so far. The other ones have been mild tremors. Or sometimes aftershocks of faraway quakes. When you live sandwiched between active faultlines, earthquakes are always on your mind. One hears about the time when someone you know was caught under a flyover in ‘89. But seriously this is nothing like what one hears (or fears) in most parts of the world. It is not hard to imagine the kind of chaos a 5.6 magnitude quake can cause in most other parts of the world.




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31 10 2007
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since you seem to have lived to tell the tale, one shall presume that all is well in this best of all possible worlds, yes?

31 10 2007

the best of all possible worlds… its good to hear that after what was a good 1.5 hour dinner, where my newly befriended neighbour went on to try and explain in the most diplomatic manner that she really loved CA, though she is moving to NYC soon, because one never knows how “life’s plans work out” or some such.. but really she loved CA (she said that about 20 times in 2 minutes)… oh well.

7 11 2007

er… and no mention of how nyc is clearly the safest city in the world to live in?? :)

but yes, it was quite an experience. i have to admit it took us newbies all of five minutes to figure out it was an earthquake and then to go stand under an appropriate door frame was another five. then we heard we should have dived under our dining/study table instead. wah.

luckily, though, the richter is a logarithmic scale, so it’s nothing as fierce as a 7.1 (1989?), so we live to tell the tale. very glad though, that neighbourly relations were established (though obviously to be of short duration). when are you coming my way for us to chat earthquakes, huh??

16 11 2007

Oh well! Takes an awful lot to ‘meet-the-neighbors’ these days,no?!

18 11 2007

Anasuya, yes, one has begun to greatly appreciate things like the log scale now.

Pri: yes, definitely, unless they are loud and obnoxious, or they make amazing food (apt kitchens are never designed with good ventilation in mind anyway)… meeting the others… no point only, I say.

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