So, he did not invent the Internet

12 10 2007

As you all know, Al Gore and the United Nations panel* have won the Nobel Peace Prize (for their work on global warming).

So what if he isn’t President, he has won the Oscar, the Emmy and the Nobel ;)

Speaking of awards. Anasuya has just ‘awarded’ me the ‘Rockin’ Girl Blogger Award’. Aww! Thankee! I am speechless.


But, that means, I get to pass it on to … Spacebar (one more person who would love more pink on her blog). And Veena (because I know, she is dying to win one of these).

* for just doing their job?! The UN Panel, that is.




8 responses

14 10 2007
tabula rasa

most past winners (especially in the sciences) have won their awards for just doing their jobs. gore won it for just making a movie.

14 10 2007

congrats for the award… :)

and thanks for linking to my blog. just one request, please replace Proust by my name or zembla. I feel very embarrassed about the address in the url.

19 10 2007

tr: yes yes. but science has no save-the-world glamour attached to it.

alok: there done. Sorry. as they say, “Reading Proust is like bathing in someone else’s dirty water.”

20 10 2007
Space Bar

oooh! i’ve won an award! with pink in it! what fun!


20 10 2007

Hey, re tr’s comment and your response, neither do inter-governmental panels, really. Have save-the-world glamour attached I mean, even if we would like them to. So when a group like that does endorse publicly what the rest of the world is saying – and Bush is not – it’s a fairly courageous stand to take within the UN. Now if they can only agree on Iraq and Israel and… :)

21 10 2007

When he gets a Grammy, he will have my respect. Not.

21 10 2007
tabula rasa

we can guess who the saxophonist will be.

22 10 2007

anasuya, tr: ok fair enough.

I guess my skepticism stems from the fact that most scientists spend decades chasing what is likely to be an improbable goal and are rewarded if they succeed (two decades later, if at all).

But with inter-governmental panels such as these, the goals and success metrics seem fairly loose. Added to this the short time in which they made the award list makes it seem a bit unfair.

km: let’s just hope he does not discover the Golden Ratio in some melting iceberg and win a Field’s Medal in the process.

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