Pink Slip

26 09 2007

Look what Spacebar has gone and done.

I resisted two whole days. Did not click on that link (or even google Wondermark). You have any idea how much self-discipline this takes? No, of course you don’t. If you did, you wouldn’t be checking your feedreader so many times a day, clicking on the QC link every 15 mins from midnight to when you go to sleep, just hoping to catch the next day’s comic a few hours early. (Not that there is anything wrong with it). Let’s not even get to the more serious addictions.

But the real question is – how do you nurture one more addiction, when you barely manage the ones you have right now? Which one do you let go to make space for the new one? The oldest, the unpromising new one, the finickiest…?




2 responses

27 09 2007
Space Bar

aha! :D much joy.

and why not grey slip, hanh?! what is this gratuitous pinkness being thrown in everywhere? what next? pink prisons?

28 09 2007

just completing the Pink Trifecta. Now that is all done, we move on to grey.

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