In the interest of full disclosure

19 09 2007

The other occurences of pink in my cubicle. Though I must admit, I do not want to see them go.

seattle.jpg   filmfest.jpg
From a cute little cupcake place in seattle.   From the local film fest folks.



4 responses

21 09 2007
Space Bar

why are all those colourful comments not turning up here? all the pink wall ecorations must feel pretty out of it.

21 09 2007

SB, that would grey wall decorations. And I wouldn’t want a fellow facist to be the first casuality.

21 09 2007

SB : did you check today’s QC? My Cupcake Royale sticker, de sade reference… QC all the way!

22 09 2007
Space Bar

yes! i know! :-) (by the way…QC is the only comic i check every day. sinfest and all i catch up on once ina while).

oh wait…what about muffin as a possible opposite name?

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