Not so Pretty

14 09 2007

My cubicle looks like I work for Mattel! Why do people think it is Ok to pack insanely expensive complex pieces of computer hardware in PINK! Now that I am done setting everything up, I have a cubicle full of pink packaging material. Even the Anti-static wrap is that unutterable color. What ever happened to bland and boring grey, white and silver?


I walk away shaking my head in digust. To the cafe. And guess what? Our cafeteria served Free Cotton Candy (in pink, obviously) today. Since no self-respecting engineer will ever pass up on something free, everyone has these fluffy concoction in their hands. And I get mine. Well, Even grown men with beards reaching their belts have one in their hands. Tsk.

What in the world is geekdom coming to?


I have nothing against luggage tags, clothes, toys etc., being pink. I mean really. Like mom says, There is a time and place for everything.




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15 09 2007
tabula rasa

in aid of helping shed light (and sweetness):

Come in here, dear boy, have a cigar, you’re gonna go far, fly high,
Youre never gonna die, you’re gonna make it if you try; they’re gonna love you.
Well I’ve always had a deep respect, and I mean that most sincerely.
The band is just fantastic, that is really what I think. oh by the way,
Which ones pink?
And did we tell you the name of the game, boy, we call it riding the
Gravy train.

i.e., i think it’s a sign that you’re On the Make.

15 09 2007

Non comprendo li professori!

You mean On the Make? or On the Make?

I hope it is the former. sigh.

15 09 2007

TR: You mean everybody else is just green?

15 09 2007
tabula rasa

bm, falsie:
it ain’t easy, you know :-D

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