A Hard Day’s Night

31 08 2007

almost hard, almost night.


8pm, August 30, 2007. Three Blocks from work.

As I wait for the lights to turn green, a head pops out of the car in front of me. Two ears and a tongue. Reason #42 to get a cameraphone (even if it offends the delicate sensibilities of your dear friends).




8 responses

3 09 2007
tabula rasa

i had no idea you were rolling again! i take back the withering allusion, but leave behind the suggestion that withering heights would make a nice name for the blog. although i do think that my friend the policeman deserves a place on the banner picture. (have i ever mentioned that i use the california dreaming sequence in my opening class of the semester? :-)

and oh yeah, camera phones every time.

5 09 2007

TR, yes, yes, the policeman. Only I could not get a shot with both faye and him in a frame narrow enough that they could both fit in the header.

cal dreaming to start the semester. uber cool prof! Fun class this must be. First you go on the silk route, claiming it was for the class. Then you say you play Chungking in class. Do you guys also smoke some good stuff in and for the class ;)

Would have gladly taken the new blog name, except I am not sure I would be able to live up to the heightened expectations.

6 09 2007
tabula rasa

no, the silk road thing was for my own personal edification, enrichment, development, broadening, growth – that sort of thing. we’d smoke too, except for the detectors.

withering depths?

6 09 2007
Space Bar

dithering? or seeing as it’s for a very poisonous snake, slithering? depths, of course…

get back and work, space bar!

6 09 2007

TR: I am not so sure about the edification, enrichment and development. Just saying that I am waiting for the series to get done so I can convert it to pdf, print and carry it on some long trip. But just from the food pictures that accompany the post, I can see the broadening and growth bit must have been a great success ;-)

And SpaceBar, I liked slithering depths.

6 09 2007
tabula rasa

i was going to say i liked slithering depths, but then i thought in quick succession of sluthering depths and sluthering heights… and deleted my comment and moved on.

hey – when you do the collating and pdfing, could you please email me a copy?!

7 09 2007

TR: Will do. Look for an email from the Slithering Depths Inc. ;)

7 09 2007
tabula rasa

sweet. thanks!

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