Maggie? Faye?

30 08 2007

There has been much talk and thought about portraiture in recent times. And a case of mistaken identities regarding the person in the Image Header above. So figured this is a good time to put up these images that have been bookmarked away for the longest time. (For a post on the Talented Mr.Christopher Doyle.) They are from 2046.





The cool* thing about these images is that you get to see the other half of Maggie’s face in the reflection and the same side of Faye’s.

Shooting the reflection of one’s face, as any good photographer will tell you, is not the same thing as shooting the face directly. Lovely pictures even if you ignore all the lighting nightmares these kind of shoots would involve.

By the way, did you read this? The chinese government will begin regulating reincarnation. And I thought the Vatican was Loopy.

* remember coolness is always subjective.




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30 08 2007
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Ah…I could go on endlessly about Maggie, FAye, Doyle, cheongsams, reflections and that gorgeous, gorgeous light.

Talking to Chris DOyle is the most misleading thing ever. He has never studied cinematography; just picked it up as he went along. But I’ve never seen anyone with such an instinctive understanding of colour, saturation and exposure. There has to be some real, hard work behind it. But he always talks about it as if it was all accidental. Very frustrating, because there’s much insight there that’s being lost.

30 08 2007

Wow, you have spoken to Doyle! I am speechless. I have only watched the BBC Culture show about him (link).

yes, the cheongsams, reflections, light, color, saturation… aren’t they all the best. I watched Mood for Love twice because the first time I was so mesmerized by the cheongsams that I did not end up following the storyline.

31 08 2007
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No no…he did a masterclass at Trivandrum, which I attended,a dn the audience could ask him questions. :-) I’ve seen that BBC show. Isn’t that the one where he walks around the place where they shot In The Mood? that long, narrow room and the window through which the camera sees MC and TL at the wall?

Now Tony Leung is one fantastic actor. Did your DVD of In The Mood have that outtake where they two meet at Angkor Wat many years later and after she leaves there’s a two minute odd shot of Tony’s face?

31 08 2007
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sorry about the deluge of comments, but since you did mirrors, you’ve seen this?

31 08 2007

Thiruvananthapuram Not Trivandrum**

I am jealous. Not that I would have understood much, if I had been there. Still. And yes, we speak of the same show. He also shows off his Chungking apartment in it.

Yes, Tony is very nice. But if you were to believe him, he says something about having no clue what the movie was about while shooting for it etc.

Oh, I love him in that Tango scene in Happy Together.

QC :) heh, its not just mirrors, but mirrors on sliding doors. lovely. Isn’t QC awesome. What awesome women, the whole bunch.

And thanks for linking up Indietits. Now I am hooked.

I love comment deluges.

** Now sing that to They Might Be Giants’ Istanbul Not Constantinople… :)

31 08 2007
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Saying Thiruvanathapuram is like embarking on a lifelong quest for the unattainable. It’s the same reason why people who can’t wrap their tongues around long Thai names resort to standard fallbacks such as Tony or Mark- it’s too much to deal with. :-)

Well, you ought to believe Tony; Kar-wai took so long over 2046, changed the story so many times that everyone was sick of it. One month before the film was to go to Cannes, someone told TL that Kar-Wai wanted to shoot a little bit more. He promptly went and shaved off his moustache so he couldn’t be in any of it!

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