Dhyaan and the Art of Oxford* Maintenance

9 02 2007

Did you know – Zen is Japanese for Chan (in Chinese), which is Dhyaan in Sanskrit?!

* While on Bael Gaadis(bullock carts) – could not resist this PJ from Munnabhai

MUNNA BHAI : Circuit, bole toh yeh Ford kya hai?
CIRCUIT : Bhai, gaadi hai.
MUNNA BHAI : Toh phir, yeh Oxford kya hai?
CIRCUIT : Bole toh, simple hai bhai, Ox mane Bael, Ford mane gaadi. Oxford bole toh Baelgaadi.




2 responses

16 02 2007

Reading “The Argumentative Indian”?

17 02 2007
The Black Mamba

acutally listening to lectures by Rev Heng Sure

must confess, I read only the preface of the Arg Indian.

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