Be intelligent or Be square

3 02 2006

Veena’s post reminded me of this new thing (actually old wine in a new bottle), that seems to be the latest craze in Britain. Debating. Some enterprising chaps across the pond, realized that there was a market for “High Quality Debates” and enter Intelligence Squared. Apparently, people are sold on this idea and are parting with cash freely enough to make this company a huge success.

Now, if you are wondering why I was reminded of the above by Veena’s post – well, the idea is not just to debate, but to meet your match while doing it. As NPR puts it, – “British company mixes debate and dating”

That might not seem like a match made in heaven, to some of you folks. You might wonder, who would want to come home, after a hard day’s work, to fight, argue and debate?! Well, there is a market for it too, as they say. Silence might be golden, but Arguments make the world go around :)




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4 02 2006

Ooooh! Okay, that does it, I need to move to London the first chance I get. I mean the books thing is nice, but having to pick three books is way too traumatic and I think the temptation to turn the 6 minutes you have into a lecture would be too high. But debating and dating together? Wow! Two things I keep meaning to get back to, but never do.

6 02 2006
The Black Mamba

Totally agree. To think, people did not come up with this sooner!

But wait before you move, given that everything british is soon followed up by a american version – I am sure IQ^2 will be here soon.

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