what poetry? – I

5 10 2005

Google Poetry!

Found interesting ‘poetry’ last night, while listening to Salman Rushdie talk about his new book.

Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing – Google Poetry. (note: you will need real player to hear this. Will post the transcript, when it becomes available. Anyway, its always nice hearing good Danish accented English). The poet, Pejk Malinovsk, reads his creations in the audio clip.

How does Pejk create this poetry? He types in a set of words in google and creates his poem from the search results he gets. For instance, I looked for “I wish I could” and here is my poem.

I wish I could

I wish I could
have been there,
I wish I could
but I can’t.

I wish I could
shimmy (like my sister Kate),
I wish I could
fly (like Superman).

I wish I could
read for the 1st time all over again,
I wish I could
do more …

I wish I could
go back home,
I wish I could
remember you.

What is yours?




One response

6 10 2005

Here is my google poem

Where are the dudes?

Where are the dudes
I startle myself with a sudden realization
Where are the dudes
How come there are no guys anywhere?

Where are the dudes
with crazy colored hair?
where are The dudes
at? Huh? I mean, where are The women at?
where are the dudes
that caught chris’s attention with their t-shirts???

where are the dudes
that are not escorts and not all about sex?
Where are the dudes
you ask? F*** if I know
where are the dudes
in girls jeans and extra tight shirts?

Where are the dudes
Not here apparently
where are the dudes
when ya need em? grrrr.
Where are the dudes
with ‘tudes?–>

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