Wedding vows – EULA or GPL?

20 07 2005

Was trying to convince the bride to have an Arya Samaj Wedding ceremony (A similar ceremony can be seen in Gandhi (script snippet)). Having failed to make any headway with the bride, who has this general love for the grand and chaotic scene – that is an indian wedding. Check out what she had to say after reading about the ceremony here.

I brought up the same topic with the groom (aka Bill). Bill is generally more receptive to random ideas like this :) (I think). Anyway, after a couple of minutes we realized, that most indians go through their wedding, with most of the ceremony being held in Sanskrit or Classical Tamizh etc. And, they have no clue what they are signing up for.

It is almost as meaningless to them, as the EULA you always click ‘I Agree’ to, before installing another piece of buggy software to your overloaded machine.

So why not a GPL or BSD style wedding vows? What would you include in such vows? Would you even like to say something like

Bride: I take your hand in mine in pursuit of righteousness for the benefit of both our families. I will stand by you. May we be provided with prosperity and offspring and may I keep you splendidly radiant as the rays of the sun. – part of the arya samaj wedding ceremony (

Wedding Recreated in Gandhi


Simple. Austere. Filtered light. Featuring Gandhi – close. He is looking straight ahead.
Reverse angle. Across the emptiness of the temple, Ba faces him.

BA (a step forward): “In every worthy wish of yours, I shall be your helpmate.”

Another angle featuring Walker and Collins, who are sitting alone, in the cool shadows of the temple, watching with fascination as Gandhi and Ba repeat their marriage ceremony for them, Walker jotting notes occasionally, but his eyes always glued to Gandhi and Ba, who are in part lost in memories and echoes of a significance only they can know.

GANDHI (a step): “Take a fourth step, that we may be ever full of joy.”

Wide shot. Showing the two of them before the altar of the temple, moving closer to each other.

BA (a step): “I will ever live devoted to you, speaking words of love and praying for your happiness.”

Close shot – Gandhi.

GANDHI: “Take a fifth step, that we may serve the people.”
BA: “I will follow close behind you and help to serve the people.”

Featuring Walker, now too entranced by the ceremony, by the depth of layered emotions in Gandhi and Ba’s voices and eyes to take any notes . . .

GANDHI: “Take a sixth step, that we may follow our vows in life.”
BA: “I will follow you in all our vows and duties.”

Ba and Gandhi. Near to meeting now.

GANDHI (a last step): “Take the seventh step, that we may ever live as friends.”

Ba takes the last step, so that they are face to face. A beat.

BA: “You are my best friend . . . my highest guru, and my sovereign lord.”

For a moment their eyes hold – the many dreams, and hopes and pain – the love of many years.
Walker watches, his own face taut with emotion.
Resume Gandhi and Ba. And Gandhi slowly lifts his hand.

GANDHI: Then I put a sweetened wheat cake in her mouth.

He touches Ba’s lips with his extended fingers and she kisses them gently.

BA: And I put a sweetened wheat cake in his mouth.

She has lifted her fingers to his mouth and he kisses them gently.
Featuring Walker and Collins both touched, the overtly cynical American obviously even more than the likeable Englishman.
Gandhi turns to them.

GANDHI: And with that we were pronounced man and wife. (Solemnly) We were both thirteen . . .

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