Laptop mighter than razor?

18 07 2005

News bite from the inquirer, a laptop generates enough heat to burn the user’s pants and set off the smoke detector in a plane, which almost brought the plane down. you can find it here

This is about the same time everyone keeps talking about how low power design is as important as speed … The amount of heat a computer can generate is impressive (not very impressive from an engineering point of view, though…)

Does this mean a bunch of geeks armed with laptops (esp. with the right overclocking etc) can be as dangerous as any trained armed insurgent?

Does it mean people will have to check-in their laptops too? So, now you can neither shave nor play games or look busy with emails on a plane? Laptops go up in the list of evil things you cannot carry into an airplane? Razors and forks are not the only tools of the devil, enter a new cousin…. the laptop =)





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